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Oak Forest Church is grateful to have a church property we can call home, and we feel especially honored to have a home with a rich history. Our property is a tangible reminder that we stand on the shoulders of faithful men and women who have loved Oak Forest for the past seven decades. We deeply desire to utilize our facilities to welcome the weary, to serve the needy, and to make Oak Forest an even better place to live.


In 1948, the elders of Heights Christian Church appointed six families to form a missionary Sunday School service in the Oaks Forest area. The Sunday School thrived, and on May 8, 1949, Oaks Christian Church held its first worship service.


In 1953, the young congregation purchased six acres at Ella and Bethlehem, and one year later, they dedicated a new sanctuary (now the fellowship hall).

Growth & Service

Oaks Christian continued to grow, and in 1967, they moved into a new 350-seat sanctuary. They worked hard to pay off their debt, which allowed them to do even more for the community, such as hosting neighborhood youth events in the fellowship hall and running the Northwest Harris County Food Pantry, which served over 3,000 meals each month.

Moving Forward

Oak Forest Church owes a debt of gratitude to Oaks Christian Church. 70+ years later, their faithfulness is still bearing fruit. They are still serving this neighborhood. And by the grace of God, everything they prayed for, everything they hoped for, will continue. So far as it depends on us, this property will continue to resource the neighborhood of Oak Forest, making it an even better place to live!

Stained Glass

According to the Apostle John, there is a rainbow encircling the throne of God (Rev. 4:3), which is partly why traditional church buildings feature stained glass windows. As we enter into the presence of God on Sunday mornings, we pass through a rainbow.

The stained glass in our sanctuary has been arranged so as to depict the life of Christ:  His incarnation and birth (earthen colors); His youth (greens); His maturity and teaching (blues); and His death, resurrection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (reds).

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